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Kevin C. Smith | MSME | Title: The Mechanical Response and Parametric Optimization of Ankle-Foot Devices (Link)


Matthew Shuler | BSME | Title: A Parametric Study of Meso-Scale Patterns for Auxetic Mechanical Behavior Optimization (Link)


Wilson Perez | BSME | Finite Element Simulation of Single-Lap Shear Tests Utilizing the Cohesive Zone Approach (Link)


Pascual Santiago-Martinez | BSME Title: A Mechanics-Based Approach for Putt Distance Optimization (Link)


Abdi Jasmin | BSME Title: Design and Evaluation of a Test Platform for Thermal Mechanical and Acoustical Loading (Link)


Nathan O’Nora | BSME Title: Compendium of Thermoviscoplasticity Modeling Parameters for Materials under Non-Isothermal Fatigue (Link)


Jonhathan Torres | Multi-Objective Optimization of a Fused Deposition Manufactured Polylactic Acid under Torsion (Link)


Ali P. Gordon | Software Tools for a Materials Testing Curriculum (Link)


Scott Keller | Coupled fatigue crack initiation and propagation model utilizing a single blunt notch compact tension specimen (Link)


Steven Kraft | Characterization of the Orthotropic Elastic Constants of a Micronic Woven Wire Mesh via Digital Image Correlation (Link)


David May | BSME Title: The TLC Method for Modeling Creep Deformation and Rupture (Link)


Bryan Zuanetti, Multi-rate and Multi-Modal Characterization of an Advanced Polyetherimide (Link)


Thomas Bouchenot | BSME Title: A Simplified Approach to Thermomechanical Fatigue and Appliaction to V-Shaped Notches (Link)


Justin Karl (Faculty – The University of Central Florida, MAE) | Ph.D. Dissertation Title: Thermomechanical Fatigue Life Prediction Of Notched 304 Stainless Steel (Link)


Scott Keller (Power Systems Manufacturing, LLC.) | Ph.D. Dissertation Title: Creep-Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation of a Notched Stainless Steel (Link)


Steven Kraft (Lockheed Martin) | Master’s Thesis: The Characterization of the Effects of Stress Concentrations on the Mechanical Behavior of a Micronic Woven Wire Mesh (Link)


Kevin Smith (University of Central Florida) | HIM Thesis: Fracture Thoughness of a Hyperealastic Material During Surgical Cutting (Link)


Zachary Graham (South Carolina)| HIM Thesis: Numerical Simulation of Fracture of a Nano-Paper Coated E-Glass/Polyester Composite with Thermal Damage (Link)


Trung Nguyen (University of Alberta) | HIM Thesis: Application of Non-local Approaches for Predicting the Response of V-Notch Under Thermomechanical Fatigue (Link)


Calvin M Stewart, PhDME 2013 (Assistant Professor – The University of Texas at El Paso) | PhD Thesis: A Hybrid Constitutive Model For Creep, Fatigue, And Creep-Fatigue Damage (Link)


Bryan Zuanetti, BSME, 2013 Honors in the Major Thesis: The Characterization of Polyetherimide under Static, Dynamic, and Multiple Impact Conditions. (Link)


Nathan Mutter, MSME 2012 (Law School – University of Colorado at Boulder) | Master’s Thesis: Characterization of Dynamic and Static Mechanical Behavior of Polyetherimide (Link)


Thomas Silvers, MSME 2012 (Lockheed-Martin) | Master’s Thesis: Implementation and Performance Comparisons for the Crisfield and Stiff Arc Length Methods in FEA (Link)


James DeMarco, MSME 2011 (Siemens) | Master’s Thesis: Mechanical Characterization and Numerical Simulation of a Light-Weight Aluminum A359 Metal Matrix Composite (Link)


Ryan O’Kelley, BSME, 2010 (Graduate School – University of Central Florida) | Honors in the Major Thesis: Rate Handling Methods in Variable Amplitude Fatigue Cycle Processing (Link)


Brian Daubenspeck, BSME, 2010 (UPS) | Honors in the Major Thesis: Methods of Extrapolating Low Cycle Fatigue Data to High Stress Amplitudes at Elevated Temperature (Link)


Steven M. Kraft, BSME, 2010 (Siemens) | Honors in the Major Thesis: The Mechanical Behavior of a Twill Dutch Woven Wire Mesh under Plane Stress Conditions (Link)


Nathan Mutter, BSME, 2010 (Graduate School – University of Central Florida) | Honors in the Major Thesis: Correlations between Simple and Axisymmetric V-Notched Plastics (Link)


Ryan O’Kelley, BSME, 2010 (Graduate School – University of Central Florida) | Honors in the Major Thesis: A Treatise for Differentiating Sonic and Mechanical Fatigue Damage


Erik Hogan, BSAE, 2009 (Graduate School – University of Colorado at Boulder) | Honors in the Major Thesis: An efficient method for the optimization of visco-plastic constitutive model constants (Link)


Calvin Stewart, BSME, 2009 | Master’s Thesis: Numerical simulation of coupled viscoplastic and tertiary creep near stress concentrations (Link)


Scott Keller, BSME, 2009 | Master’s Thesis: Considerations of multiaxial fatigue in flexible couplings (Link)


Luis Gonzalez, BSME, 2007 (Florida Power and Light) | Honors in the Major Thesis: Design of a Rotating Heat Rig Control for Meso-scale Turbine System Simulations (Link)


David C. Radonovich, BSME, 2007 (Siemens) | Master Thesis: Very Low Cycle Fatigue of a Ni-base Superalloy (Link)


Sameer A. Khan, BSME, 2006 (Siemens) | Honors in the Major Thesis: Probabilistic Stress Rupture Life Analysis of Turbine Blades (Link)