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Jonathan Torres

Thomas Bouchenot


  • Numerical Simulation of Notch Tip Response in Notched DS Materials.

James Williams


  • Experimental and theoretical solid mechanics.
  • Correlating constitutive models for predicting viscoelastic behavior of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) gasket material, a key material for aerospace applications.

Nathan O'Nora


  • Optimizing constants for a viscoplasticity model.
  • Expansion of viscoplasticity modeling capabilities.


  • Researching Properties of Additively Manufactured Materials.

Bassem Felemban

Michael Sedlack


  • Platform for Combined Extreme Environments (PCEEn), a novel test platform for column-buckling fatigue in conditions analogous to hypersonic flight.
  • Experimental Platform for Long-Term Creep Fatigue Testing.
  • Experimental Mechanics.

Nicholas Stoll


  • Platform for Tensile-Compressive Creep Fatigue (TCCF), a novel test platform for long term cyclic creep-fatigue testing.
  • Platform for Combined Extreme Environments (PCEEn), a novel test platform for column-buckling fatigue in conditions analogous to hypersonic flight.
  • Electrical and electronic design, construction, and implementation for control systems and data acquisition devices.

Antonett Nunez-delPrado

Jennifer Ambrose


  • A Fractographic Analysis of Inconel 718 Failure Modes.
  • Notch Size Effect on the Tensile-Compressive Creep-Fatigue Behavior of Nylon 66.

Jose Cotelo


  • Mechanical Optimization of FDM PLA.
  • Micromechanical Modeling of Heterogenous Materials.
  • Mechanical Performance of Aerospace Materials in Extreme Environments.

Emily Judd


  • Small Punch Tests: Fixture Design and Experimental Testing.
  • Website Maintenance.
  • Lab Support.

Wilson Perez


  • Mechanical Characterization of Strength Response of Next Generation Adhesives for Composites.
  • Finite Element Analysis of Single-Lap Shear Testing.

Cristian Mejia


  • Research on hypersonic flight; specifically, fatigue failure of aero-structures.
  • We develop tools to predict the lives of materials used on the planned vehicle.

Ryan Reedy


  • Constitutive modelling of gold subjected to thermomechanical fatigue conditions.

Alex Strebeck


  • Model simulations of the Small Punch Test (SPT).

Harrison Bearden

Allyssa Paul


  • A Novel Test Platform for Tensile-Compressive Cyclic Creep.

Matthew Shuler


  • Collaborating with Dr. Gordon in the efforts to develop and optimize an auxetic meso-structure for mechanical properties.
  • Developing simulations for parametric study of the auxetic structures.
  • Conducting experiments for comparisons with simulations.

Sean Khan


  • Numerical Simulation of Fluid Structure Interaction of Hypersonic Fuselage Panels.

Anton Keys


  • Cycle Counting focus group.
  • Matlab programming.
  • Locating research articles.


  • Fatigue Cycle Counting Focus Group.
  • Programming Counting Algorithms in MatLab.
  • Creating a user interface for a variety of counting techniques.

Seba Villalobos (ASPIRE)

Adam Oloufa (ASPIRE)

Haden Eckbert (ASPIRE)