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More than any other subject of engineering, Mechanics of Materials holds great potential for not only improving life but also simultaneously threatening it. The Mechanics of Materials Research Group at the University of Central Florida seeks to engage in research activities that improve the performances of a wide range of solid materials. Collectively, researchers of MOMRG continually master novel techniques in experimental, computational, and theoretical mechanics while individually applying that knowledge to break ground on specific problems.

Five tenets comprise the mission of the Mechanics of Materials Research Group (MOMRG)

  1. Prepare student researchers into highly-capable independent investigators for research-oriented careers in either academia, industry, or government facilities.
  2. Make meaningful contributions to the body of knowledge comprising Mechanics of Materials (e.g. Fracture, fatigue, creep/plasticity).
  3. Deliver accurate solutions to have value technical challenges of industrial sponsors; support industrial progress.
  4. Convey MOMRG findings to a broad audience of sponsors, collaborators, partners, as well as other parties through impactful media.
  5. Extend, modify, or replace instructional content Mechanics of Materials content with recent findings.